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I designed this studio with the knowledge of acoustics and architecture and completed it in the summer of 2015. The control room was built in the shape of a horn with absorption and diffusion placed strategically on the walls and ceilings. Stone walls were also added to the front and back walls to help with diffusion in the upper frequencies and bass traps in the corners to tame bass dropouts.

Both the Drum Room and Vocal/Instrument rooms were built with no parallel walls (to eliminate flutter echos) and placed on floating floors. Not only were the rooms built for acoustics but they also maintain the aesthetics of a warm/earthy feel.

I have over 20 years of engineering experience and over 15 years of ProTools experience. I’m in contact with a bundle of musicians, for hire, and I myself have been playing drums for over 35 years (which also helps tremendously in editing music). The studio is located in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago (1 mile from I-90 and a block away from the Norwood Park Metro Station).

Hopefully this gives you a brief insight into myself and the studio I built with “you” the musician in mind. I look forward to creating great music with you!


Amery Schmeisser